Day 3

Islands Burger - beef burger w/ a grilled pineapple slice for a bun with slaw, guacamole, & yucca fries

[Too ugly to photograph]

The Good: Size. I got a good sized patty of beef that ended up tasting pretty good. 

The Not as Good: This burger did not live up to it's photo on the website. The pineapple slice was minuscule, the slaw had gotten tossed all over the container, and the guac had turned brown in its separate container. I was sad eating it. 

Day 4

Rosemary Chicken w/ Truffle Mashed Cauliflower & Spinach

The Good: Mmmmm this chicken was tasty! Well seasoned & not dried out at all. The mash was a little weird, but not in a bad way. I actually enjoyed mixing it up a little bit with the sides.

The Not as Good: Like a broken record, I'm gonna have to say it wasn't quite enough food for me. I still felt a little hungry so plopped on two spoonfuls of potato salad that was leftover from Monday. The spinach was cooked a tad more than I like, but still tasted good. 

Stay tuned! One day left!