Meet Jan.

This incredible woman hit her first box jump yesterday and we are so proud of her! It only seemed fitting to pick her for our very first Member Spotlight! 

Jan has only been coming into Jersey Devil CrossFit for about a year now. She comes in with her husband and two daughters who continue to push her day in & day out. Let me tell you, it is really paying off! Jan's been crushing goals. Just within the last few months she ran her first unbroken 400 meters without stopping and last night she hit that first box jump! We did a fitness & nutrition challenge right before the open & Jan improved on the benchmark workout by a whole 2 minutes!! Jan is really coming into her own at the gym, walking in with confidence instead of apprehension. She's a great listener and really seems to take in all that the coaches at JDCF have to offer her. She's got a great attitude and a contagious smile. We see big things coming from Jan in her future! 

Last night she said something to me that I loved! She said that someone had mentioned having to get in shape before they came in & worked out with us at Jersey Devil CrossFit. She said she just didn't get that. Jan told me that anything she ever did at any other gym didn't prepare her for what she's been doing at CrossFit. It just couldn't. "This is how you get in shape," she told me. 

We're so proud of Jan & all that she's doing!