Thank you. 

Together we've raised almost $700 already! 

WOD For Water is just about three weeks away! Make sure to go donate or register for our super fun, super awesome workout that we'll be doing on June 11th at 10 AM!

The workout that day will be: 

Jersey Devil CrossFit's WOD FOR WATER

In Teams of 4: 

400 Meter Run

100 Front Squats

400 Meter Run

100 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

400 Meter Run

100 Burpees Over Jerry Can

400 Meter Run

100 Overhead Walking Lunges

Teams of 4 must carry the jug while running, each person takes a turn. Split up reps for the rest of the exercises and the person doing the work uses the can. If done with just a partner (team of 2) cut the reps to 50 per exercise.

Your one time participation in our event will change their lives forever.