A little Q&A with our reigning member of the month!


Question: When & how did you start crossfitting with us?

Cindy's Answer: I started doing Crossfit 4 years ago today. My brother joined so I decided to give it a try. I remember being scared to death the first night I walked into the gym but when I left I couldn't wait to go back.

Question: What do you like most about CrossFit?

Cindy's Answer: My favorite thing about Crossfit is that it is like having another family. It always feels like people are rooting for you. Being a JDCF member always inspires me to the the best version of my self.

Question: How has CrossFit helped you day to day? 

Cindy's Answer: Crossfit has honestly made me a better, stronger, and more confident person.

Question: Favorite lift & favorite CrossFit workout?

Cindy's Answer: My favorite lift is the snatch. I've always struggled with this movement, but I get so happy when I get my form right. Clearly my favorite wod is Cindy...who wouldn't love a killer workout named after them?!?!

Question: What's your favorite post workout snack?

Cindy's Answer: Favorite snack is trail mix-the kind with chocolate squares and peanut butter chips! 😜

Question: What do you think you've improved on most since starting CrossFit?

Cindy's Answer: The biggest thing that has improved is my attitude. When I first started Crossfit I was always afraid of not getting a lift or not finishing a metcon in a certain amount of time, but I have learned the only important thing is to try....since I haven't been so afraid of failing my times and lifts have gotten better.

Question: What's a fun fact someone in the gym might not know about you?

Cindy's Answer: Hmm... Fun fact? I'm excellent at spike ball...NOT!!! I'm the least athletic person you'll ever meet!!! 😊