A little Q&A with our reigning member of the month!

Question: When & how did you start crossfitting with us? 

Jeff's Answer: May 2016. I always drove by the gym and I decided finally to check it out and it was the best decision I made. All the members and staff are fantastic and positive

Question: What do you like most about CrossFit?

Jeff's Answer: I love all the different exercises I get to do that I would probably not be doing in your conventional gym. It’s a good hard workout for about an hour. Like I said above I also love the people that go it makes for a great workout

Question: How has CrossFit helped you in your day to day living?

Jeff's Answer: I’ve improved my health, lost weight and it has given me more confidence 

Question: What's your favorite lift & favorite CrossFit workout?

Jeff's Answer: My favorite lift is the deadlift and as far as my favorite workout I really couldn’t tell you

Question: What's your favorite post workout snack?

Jeff's Answer: Rest… and protein shake

Question: What do you think you've improved on most since you started CrossFit?

Jeff's Answer: Flexibility but I still have a ways to go. Also core strength and weight

One fun fact about you someone in the gym might not know. 

Jeff's Answer: I am into saltwater reef tanks, I have 2 of them and built a special room for them . That’s my hobby