Sometimes in the gym we focus so much on lifting bigger weights and getting gymnasty that we forget about an essential part of our health and success in the gym… mobility.


Great mobility is having the ability to perform functional movement patterns with no restrictions in the range of motion (ROM) of those movements.

Think about that. Can you move all our joints through their full range of motion? Can you get into a front rack, overhead position, or the bottom of a squat without any struggle? Can you do it fatigued or without any pain, tightness, or other restrictions?

If you’re answering a lot of no’s you could most definitely benefit from adding mobility work into your routine... Actually even if you answered yes to all those questions, you could still probably benefit from adding in mobility work if you don’t already!

Benefits of increased mobility…

  • Decreases the chance of injury. Any restrictions to range of motion in any joint increases the risk of injury in that joint, especially when we’re talking about adding weight or intensity!

  • Keeps joints healthy. Working on mobility increases blood flow and healthy synovial fluids in those target areas, literally ensuring that you’re a well oiled machine!

  • Can allow us to get stronger. If our mobility is crap and we can’t get into all of the parts of a movement, then there’s no way we can get stronger in all parts of a movement. Full range of motion allows us safely train and strengthen an entire movement!

What to do for mobility??

You can do one or any combination of the following for at least 15 minutes to count it for your mobility work during the challenge…

  • Massage - Yes massages count! Letting someone else do the work is a life hack in our book.

  • Foam Rolling

  • Stretching

  • Yoga

  • Dynamic Joint Mobility - this is when you actively move the joint through it’s full range of motion with the goal of good movement practice