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Sometimes it’s impossible to get to the gym. Life can get crazy with work, kids, school, travel, events, or whatever else you’ve got going on. Just because you can’t get in the CrossFit gym though, doesn’t mean you can’t get in a quick WOD at home or on the road. We’ll be posting quick & simple WODs that you can do almost anywhere with minimal equipment. Today’s is from Street Parking. It’s …

5 Rounds For Time of:

200 Meter Run

18 KB Swings

200 Meter Run

36 Air Squats

** Runs don’t have to be exact. If it’s nice out run down your drive way/street & back or around the house.

** KB swings can be subbed with DB Swings or odd object swings. You could even put some clothes or books in a backpack or carry on if you’re traveling and use that! Just remember to keep good form.

Sometimes a little movement is exactly what you need to feel good & stay on track!