One of the Be Better Challenge challenges is to get good protein sources in at every meal, but what are good sources of protein??

Like the picture above says, the best protein sources are complete proteins that more often than not are whole foods! We’re talking …

  • Chicken & Poultry

  • Lean Beef & Lean Ground Beef

  • Pork

  • Game Meats

  • Eggs

  • Fish, Shrimp, & Other Meaty Shellfish

  • Plain Milk & Plain Greek Yogurt

  • Protein Powder (In Moderation)

These are the big ones. We emphasize complete proteins because they have all the stuff your body needs to be able to actually use them AND they have the highest concentration of protein meaning they give you the best bang for your buck.

The goal is try to get in good sources of protein at all your meals and snacks. Protein helps build & repair muscle and keeps you fuller longer! If you’re struggling to get in your protein here’s a few tips…

Protein Power Tips

  • When constructing meals and snacks, start with the protein. Build your meal or snack from the protein out.

  • Make extra protein for dinner. Whatever protein you’re cooking for dinner, make extras so there’s always protein readily available in the fridge. This way, you’re never stuck missing a point because you didn’t have time to cook some up. (Skewers, chicken strips, and lean ground beef are all great to have ready!)

  • Toss your protein in a salad. Some people hate dry proteins. Throwing your chicken, meat, or fish into a salad with other favors can sometimes help make that big hunk of protein seem a little less intimidating and a lot more palatable!

If you’re still confused or you’re a vegetarian or a vegan and you’re having a really hard time getting in your protein from that list above, let us know! We might have some answers.