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Home & Travel WODs


A lot of the time when you’re at home or traveling you need to get in a quick workout with minimal fluff. Fluff can be fun, but it’s not always necessary. Fluff might be fancy movements or lots of equipment or weird time domains. Whatever fluff means for you, this workout is great for when you’ve got no time for it. It’s another Street Parking inspired workout and all you need is yourself and some motivation to get moving! It may look simple, but simple doesn’t mean easy! Push the pace and it’ll burn. You’ll feel better after getting your sweat on.

2 Rounds of:

30 Air Squats

30 Burpees

30 Air Squats

30 Push Ups



Scenes From The Gym

See what we’ve been up to in the gym…



Home & Travel WODs


Sometimes it’s impossible to get to the gym. Life can get crazy with work, kids, school, travel, events, or whatever else you’ve got going on. Just because you can’t get in the CrossFit gym though, doesn’t mean you can’t get in a quick WOD at home or on the road. We’ll be posting quick & simple WODs that you can do almost anywhere with minimal equipment. Today’s is from Street Parking. It’s …

5 Rounds For Time of:

200 Meter Run

18 KB Swings

200 Meter Run

36 Air Squats

** Runs don’t have to be exact. If it’s nice out run down your drive way/street & back or around the house.

** KB swings can be subbed with DB Swings or odd object swings. You could even put some clothes or books in a backpack or carry on if you’re traveling and use that! Just remember to keep good form.

Sometimes a little movement is exactly what you need to feel good & stay on track!



Personal Training & Nutrition Consults

Personal Training (1).png

Want some more personalized coaching or need a little help with your nutrition?

You’re in luck!

Jersey Devil CrossFit offers Personal Training & Nutrition Consultation Services!

Personal Training

  • Our personal training is perfect for anyone who’d like a little more attention or prefer a one on one training atmosphere.

  • Also great for members who’d like to get better at something specific in the gym such as double unders, olympic lifts, speed, pull ups, etc.

  • We can also do small groups who’d like to come in and try CrossFit together!

  • Flexible times and scheduling make sure that we’re working for you. You’ll be able to schedule sessions with a CrossFit trainer so you can stay consistent and see results.

Nutrition Consults

  • You can’t out-train an unhealthy diet! Our nutrition consults are great for anyone who’d like a little help with their nutrition habits.

  • We offer multiple different session types including in-depth explorations of healthy eating and sports nutrition or quick nutrition check up’s to make sure you’re staying on track.

  • Our nutrition consults are led by a Registered Dietitian.

  • Flexible times & scheduling so we can fit into your schedule instead of the other way around!

If you or someone you know is interested let us know & we can get started! Email



Summer Schedule

Summer is Comin’ in Hott!

JDCF Classes Flyer.png

We’ve got some class time changes and shifts coming up for the summer time months, starting June 24th! Be sure to check our schedule on the home page if you’re ever unsure of class times. It will always show cancellations or changes!

CrossFit Boot Camp

Mon / Wed / Fri @ 4:30pm

CrossFit Kids

Tues / Thurs @ 4:30pm


Mon / Wed / Fri @ 5:30am

Mon - Thurs @ 5:30pm, 6:30pm, & 7:30pm

Fri @ 5:30pm & 6:30pm

Sat @ 8am & 9am



Deuces Wild at CrossFit RDT

Our friends at CrossFit RDT are hosting their first competition!


Grab a partner and get signed up for Deuces Wild a MM or FF partner competition on Saturday July 20th, 2019!!

Competition is for teams of 2 - MM / FF Divisions - RX Only.

Standards Include Basic Open Level Standards:

  • Clean & Jerk 135/85#

  • Snatch 95/65#

  • Double Unders

  • Basic Gymnastics (TTB, Pull Ups, Burpees, etc.)

  • Familiarity with standard dumbbell and barbell movements

  • Rowing, assault bike, and running

There’s going to be 3 WODs + a Floater WOD + Championship

You get a free tee or tank // Price: $150 per team

CASH Prizes for Podium Winners!

Let’s have some fun!



Who Needs Mobility?

Sometimes in the gym we focus so much on lifting bigger weights and getting gymnasty that we forget about an essential part of our health and success in the gym… mobility.


Great mobility is having the ability to perform functional movement patterns with no restrictions in the range of motion (ROM) of those movements.

Think about that. Can you move all our joints through their full range of motion? Can you get into a front rack, overhead position, or the bottom of a squat without any struggle? Can you do it fatigued or without any pain, tightness, or other restrictions?

If you’re answering a lot of no’s you could most definitely benefit from adding mobility work into your routine... Actually even if you answered yes to all those questions, you could still probably benefit from adding in mobility work if you don’t already!

Benefits of increased mobility…

  • Decreases the chance of injury. Any restrictions to range of motion in any joint increases the risk of injury in that joint, especially when we’re talking about adding weight or intensity!

  • Keeps joints healthy. Working on mobility increases blood flow and healthy synovial fluids in those target areas, literally ensuring that you’re a well oiled machine!

  • Can allow us to get stronger. If our mobility is crap and we can’t get into all of the parts of a movement, then there’s no way we can get stronger in all parts of a movement. Full range of motion allows us safely train and strengthen an entire movement!

What to do for mobility??

You can do one or any combination of the following for at least 15 minutes to count it for your mobility work during the challenge…

  • Massage - Yes massages count! Letting someone else do the work is a life hack in our book.

  • Foam Rolling

  • Stretching

  • Yoga

  • Dynamic Joint Mobility - this is when you actively move the joint through it’s full range of motion with the goal of good movement practice


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June Co-Members of the Month

Jersey Devil CrossFit's June Co-Members of the Month are...



Jaymie & Meredith!


These two lovely ladies started crossfitting with us back in January and we can't believe how much they have improved since then! We love seeing these two pees in a pod workout side by side night after night, pushing each other to try new things and work a little harder. They immediately fit right in with the 7:30pm crew (our Sassy Sweaters, as I like to call them) where we get equal parts grit, determination, laughs, and eye rolls from our members ;P

Jaymie and Meredith have both been putting in the work in our CrossFit classes, constantly working to master the basics. They both completed their first Murph just last week which is a huge accomplishment! We're incredibly proud of how far they've come and can't wait to see what the future holds for these two. 

Way to go Meredith & Jaymie!

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May Member of the Month

April showers brought May flowers... and a new Jersey Devil CrossFit member of the month!

This month's star member is....

Max Wilson!

Yes that's right, Shmaximus Wilson has definitely been catching our attention in the gym. Check out this transformation! Picture on the left is just about one year ago and on the right is him banging out thrusters in this year's open! 


Maxy has been taking time to improve himself in & out of the gym. Not too long ago he was eating an extra large gust of wind for breakfast and a cookie for lunch all while coming into the gym and pushing his body to its limits. Now he's taken huge steps to properly fuel his body and is seeing results because of it! The days of getting smoked on every workout by his beautiful wife are much less frequent ;P

We also commend him for working on his weaknesses. No one wants to come into the gym and work on something they're not good at or spend time improving mobility so that they can get into better positions. It can be frustrating and it's usually not instagram post worthy, but Max has been doing both of those things and we think that's really cool. We also know his ankles thank him. Keep on keeping on Maxamillion.