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November Night Out Announcement

Jersey Devil CrossFit's November Night Out Is One You're Not Going to Want to Miss!

We've teamed up with SaDee's Clothing Boutique right in downtown Hammonton to get our members an exclusive cocktail hour & 25% off all Men's and Women's Apparel on November 5th from 5-7pm! We'll have a few drinks & get our shop on before a dinner at Annata's!

All Jersey Devil CrossFit and CrossFit Kids Members are welcomed!



3rd Annual Blueberry Crossing Fall Fest

The 3rd Annual Blueberry Crossing Fall Fest is almost here!

Jersey Devil CrossFit is going to be hanging out at Hammonton's Fall Fest on September 10th! We'll be talking about our CrossFit & CrossFit Kids programs, having a few friendly competitions going, playing some games, & more! Make sure to stop by, get your name in our raffle, & support our uptown businesses!

When: September 10th || 10AM - 3PM

Where: Blueberry Crossing (right across from Jersey Devil CrossFit)




To kick off the summer season & celebrate 4 years of working out behind us we're having a FLASH SPECIAL

The first 10 non-members to come into Jersey Devil CrossFit from now, until June 10th get $20 off their first 2 months when they sign up for a membership! Tell all your friends who've been waiting for that "perfect" time to come in & try out CrossFit. Now's that time!!



Jersey Devil Night Out

We're a little late on the post, but we wanted to thank everyone who came out for our Cheers & Beers night! 

We had a ton of fun playing games, drinking beer, talking trash, and devouring some pizza & wings! We hope you all had as great a time as we did! 

Here we have a view of the smack talk first hand.

Here we have a view of the smack talk first hand.

We're looking forward to another Jersey Devil Night Out in June! If you've got an idea for a night out let us know! 




WOD For Water: A firsthand look

Just a little first hand look at what happens when the CrossFit & overall fitness community gets behind this amazing cause! This video from Iron Tribe shows what happened with the money they raised from their WOD For WATER Event.

Take two minutes to see what your dollars could help us bring to a community! 

Jersey Devil CrossFit's Event is June 11th at 10am!

If you want to workout with us please go register at

If you can't make it that day, or you're not into working out with us please don't miss this opportunity to do some good! Any size donation gets us one step closer to our goal! Just go to the same link and you can help us out by donating. 



Memorial Day Mayhem at CrossFit Medford

Jersey Devil CrossFit is sending three teams to the Memorial Day Mayhem Co-Ed competition at CrossFit Medford! We're really excited to get involved in the day and go kick some ass! 

Our teams are:

Corie & Rick - Team Young Tart, Old Fart

Sam & Max - Team WOD & Chill

Toniann & Connor - Team Name TBD

The competition is May 21st at CrossFit Medford. All event details & workout descriptions can be found here. This is the last week to sign up so if anyone else wants to do it, grab a partner and go sign up ASAP! We'd love for more teams to sign up & for as many people to come out & support our teams as possible! Let's get after it!

Rogue's excited! Are you?


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Jersey Devil CrossFit is hosting an event called WOD For Water!

Over 700 million people around the world lack access to safe drinking water and it's estimated that 1,800 children die EVERY DAY from preventable waterborne illnesses. With a little help from you, we can raise enough money to build a well for one of these communities that lack safe drinking water so that they don't have to fear death every time they take a sip of water. 

Check out the video below to see how. 

Through a simple donation & one workout of the day, we can provide support that will last a community a lifetime. Together, we know, that we can hit our goal of $3,000 to build a well in India for these families, but the key word is together. We can't do it without you.

Go to the link below, click register/donate, and be a part of this incredible cause.

A $50.00 registration gets you a t-shirt and spot in our WOD (workout of the day) on June 11th at 10am. But you don't have to raise it all alone. We also encourage you to click on the START CAMPAIGN button at the link as well. Let's get as many people involved as possible. Asking your friends and family to help us out is a simple process that allows them to be a part of something huge and will help us CRUSH our goal! 

Together, we can make safe drinking water a reality and make all the difference in the lives of many. Let's WOD FOR WATER. 

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Fit Fuel Prep Demo

Ever wish you could get a healthy & fresh meal delivered right to your door? How about a week's worth? Well, in this day & age there are meal prep services out there that can make those wild wishes a reality. Fit Fuel Prep is one of those services. 

Based out of New Brunswick, Fit Fuel Prep delivers healthy meals fresh & locally to customers door steps in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, & Pennsylvania. Customers choose from a menu that changes weekly, and get meals delivered to them on Mondays.

Jersey Devil CrossFit will be hosting a Fit Fuel Prep Demo on Tuesday, May 10th right in the gym for members who would like to learn more about the service & try out some of their foods! 

Don't miss out! If you'd like more info about the company check out their website here.