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5 Days of Fit Fuel Prep

Day 3

Islands Burger - beef burger w/ a grilled pineapple slice for a bun with slaw, guacamole, & yucca fries

[Too ugly to photograph]

The Good: Size. I got a good sized patty of beef that ended up tasting pretty good. 

The Not as Good: This burger did not live up to it's photo on the website. The pineapple slice was minuscule, the slaw had gotten tossed all over the container, and the guac had turned brown in its separate container. I was sad eating it. 

Day 4

Rosemary Chicken w/ Truffle Mashed Cauliflower & Spinach

The Good: Mmmmm this chicken was tasty! Well seasoned & not dried out at all. The mash was a little weird, but not in a bad way. I actually enjoyed mixing it up a little bit with the sides.

The Not as Good: Like a broken record, I'm gonna have to say it wasn't quite enough food for me. I still felt a little hungry so plopped on two spoonfuls of potato salad that was leftover from Monday. The spinach was cooked a tad more than I like, but still tasted good. 

Stay tuned! One day left!



5 Days of Fit Fuel Prep

Remember our Fit Fuel Prep Meal Demo night last week? Well, we decided to get a week's worth of meals, test them all out to see how feasible ordering healthy meals from a service like fit fuel prep really is, and let you all in on our thoughts! 

We can be pretty busy people. We like to eat good and eat quite a bit, but sometimes work & life & unexpected nonsense can get in the way. Lunch is kind of our most difficult meal. We end up going out most afternoons for lunch between classes at the gym or work and spending up & around 12 bucks for a little bit of not always healthy food and some coffee. We decided we would most benefit from some meals for lunch. Here's how the first 2 went...

Day 1

Salmon & Purple Mashed Taters

Reheated in a sautee pan with some kerrygold butter.

The Good: These mashed potatoes! Mmmmm purple mashed potatoes are good & so much fun. There were plenty so I wasn't still feeling overly hungry after lunch either. I also felt healthy AF eating this.

The Not as Good: Fish was a little fishy. I'm not a huge fan of leftover fish in general & that holds true here for already cooked & reheated fish. Not terrible by any means, but not necessarily great for me either. 

Day 2

Spanish Style London Broil w/ Spinach & Sweet Potatoes

Reheated in a sautee pan w/ some kerrygold butter.

The Good: Taste. This meal was so tasty. There was great flavor on the meat, the potatoes were super tender, and the spinach was still nice and leafy so it never got overcooked. Then there was this UH-mazing sauce to put all over it. 

The Not as Good: The amount. It wasn't quite enough food for me so I added some leftover steak from last night, some more spinach, and some more potatoes (in potato salad form).

Stay tuned for days 3, 4, & 5!



Bone Health & CrossFit

I was sitting in my office today, reading through my Food and Nutrition Magazine, when I came across a series of articles about bone health & osteoporosis prevention. You'd think the articles would be littered with fruit & vegetable recommendations and images of milk mustaches & calcium supplements, but instead of a huge glass of milk on the page there was a picture of a kettlebell. The main takeaway of that article: Weight Bearing Exercise is Key to Building AND Maintaining Strong Bones. 

One particular piece stuck out at me: 

Like muscles, bones are living tissue, and they require stress to stimulate growth and maintain integrity. Just as consuming extra protein without exercising will not result in strong muscles, consuming calcium without exercising will not result in optimal bone mass. 

Exercise positively effects bone health in more than one way and at all ages. Weight bearing exercise stimulates mineral uptake in children and adults, which is great because although we don't usually think about fractures and thinning bones affecting us until we are well into our sixties, these conditions are directly influenced by the choices we make decades earlier. 

The article went on to recommend & categorize different kinds of exercise including high and low impact weight bearing exercises, strength building exercises, and balance/posture/functional exercises. The cool thing here is that CrossFit can fall into ALL of those categories. 

All our WODS include some sort of weight bearing exercise on most days, sprinkled with strength building exercises, and functional movements left & right! So not only are we all making muscular gainz, but we're also making bone health gainz every day. 

You can read the whole article on bone health & weight bearing exercise here.