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CrossFit Kids Skill of the Month

Hello June.

That's right, June is here & with a new month comes a new CrossFit Kids Skill of the Month! Each month we have a different focus in our crossfit kids classes. In April we focused on Pushing (planks, push ups, push presses, etc.) and in May we got our pull on (ring rows, pull ups, negatives, rope climbs, & deadlifts)!

Now that June is finally here, we'll be focusing on The Squat! 

We'll be jumping into air squats, front squats, thrusters, & more! We're excited for June, hope you are too! 



CF KIDS: Shoulder Press

Yesterday we got to work on our Shoulder Presses at Jersey Devil CrossFit Kids! 

When teaching our kids the shoulder press we start out with nothing at all. The kids learn the general form for the shoulder press and once they can do that, we progress to shoulder presses with small pvc pipes that mimic dumbbells. Our older CrossFit Kids get to use light weight dumbbells and, once they show us perfect form and stability with semi-challenging dumbbell weight (like Gracie had) we move to light barbell work! 

Our kids continue to amaze us.