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Thank You!!

A huge thank you to everyone who participated, spread the word, & donated to our WOD For Water Event this past Saturday! 

We had an amazing time raising awareness for this incredible cause & working out with everyone! We ended up raising just over $1200! 

If you'd like to give, there's still time. Go to today!




Thank you. 

Together we've raised almost $700 already! 

WOD For Water is just about three weeks away! Make sure to go donate or register for our super fun, super awesome workout that we'll be doing on June 11th at 10 AM!

The workout that day will be: 

Jersey Devil CrossFit's WOD FOR WATER

In Teams of 4: 

400 Meter Run

100 Front Squats

400 Meter Run

100 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

400 Meter Run

100 Burpees Over Jerry Can

400 Meter Run

100 Overhead Walking Lunges

Teams of 4 must carry the jug while running, each person takes a turn. Split up reps for the rest of the exercises and the person doing the work uses the can. If done with just a partner (team of 2) cut the reps to 50 per exercise.

Your one time participation in our event will change their lives forever.



WOD For Water: A firsthand look

Just a little first hand look at what happens when the CrossFit & overall fitness community gets behind this amazing cause! This video from Iron Tribe shows what happened with the money they raised from their WOD For WATER Event.

Take two minutes to see what your dollars could help us bring to a community! 

Jersey Devil CrossFit's Event is June 11th at 10am!

If you want to workout with us please go register at

If you can't make it that day, or you're not into working out with us please don't miss this opportunity to do some good! Any size donation gets us one step closer to our goal! Just go to the same link and you can help us out by donating. 


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Jersey Devil CrossFit is hosting an event called WOD For Water!

Over 700 million people around the world lack access to safe drinking water and it's estimated that 1,800 children die EVERY DAY from preventable waterborne illnesses. With a little help from you, we can raise enough money to build a well for one of these communities that lack safe drinking water so that they don't have to fear death every time they take a sip of water. 

Check out the video below to see how. 

Through a simple donation & one workout of the day, we can provide support that will last a community a lifetime. Together, we know, that we can hit our goal of $3,000 to build a well in India for these families, but the key word is together. We can't do it without you.

Go to the link below, click register/donate, and be a part of this incredible cause.

A $50.00 registration gets you a t-shirt and spot in our WOD (workout of the day) on June 11th at 10am. But you don't have to raise it all alone. We also encourage you to click on the START CAMPAIGN button at the link as well. Let's get as many people involved as possible. Asking your friends and family to help us out is a simple process that allows them to be a part of something huge and will help us CRUSH our goal! 

Together, we can make safe drinking water a reality and make all the difference in the lives of many. Let's WOD FOR WATER. 

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