• Jersey Devil CrossFit (map)
  • 225 Broadway
  • Hammonton, NJ

Join us for Jersey Devil CrossFit's WOD for Water Event and help us raise $3,000 to build a well for a village in India! Did you know that 663 million people around the world lack access to clean drinking water and EVERY MINUTE a child dies from water-related disease? This is our chance to help those in need & raise money to support this cause the best way we know how.... by working out!

On June 11th at 10AM we'll be WOD-ing for Water!

There're 2 ways you can get involved, and both can be done at the link here:http://www.wodforwater.com/event/hammonton-nj

1. You can register or donate to our event! You'll give a donation that'll go towards our goal and get us one step closer to building a well for an underprivelaged community. This will also get you a spot in our workout if you'd like it. A $50 registration also gets you a WOD for Water T-shirt. 

2. Or you can create a fundraising page! If we can pull from our friends and family, we can crush our goal! 

Most of the world doesn't have the opportunity to reach for a bottle of clean water. We're going to workout anyway, so you might as well grab that bottle & workout for an awesome cause like this one! We invite anyone & everyone to participate!