OUr members are the best around.

I've been a member of Jersey Devil Crossfit for 2 years now. Growing up, I have participated in body building type of exercises and was always an athlete, however, something from my workouts was missing leaving me bored and unmotivated at times. I joined Jersey Devil and quickly became attracted to the combination of Olympic style weight training,body weight and gymnastic style exercises, and endurance training. It has become a lifestyle for me that has helped me stay motivated and focused on achieving my goals.

- Matt Crescenzo, PT - Member Since


I've been physically active and playing sports my entire life. While in college, I tried standard workouts at the gym and even tried fitness classes that were offered at my school. I would eventually get bored and go into that "rut" that we all find ourselves in, making it almost impossible to get back. A friend of mine asked me to try out a CrossFit class with her, and although I was a little intimidated at first, I gave it a shot and I'm so glad I did. That was 3 years ago, and today I can honestly say I'm in the best shape of my life. I am stronger, faster, more agile, and have better endurance than I ever had. When you walk into Jersey Devil CrossFit (JDCF), you will find people of all ages, genders, and skill levels working hard, seeing results and having a ton of fun doing it. The coaches at JDCF make every new member feel at home and teach them the fundamentals of how to safely and effectively perform the workouts. Once you start doing CrossFit, you will never want to go back to your old workout routine, because I can guarantee that no other workout will show you better results. So if your current fitness program is getting stale or even if you don't currently exercise but want to make a change, JDCF is the place for you! 

- Samantha Oddo, PT - Member Since 2012


Jersey Devil CrossFit has been apart of my life since I was 14 years old. I have always worked out, but was looking for something to challenge me. Turns out, CrossFit couldn't have been a more perfect choice. As a teenager, it's easy to procrastinate when getting around to going to the gym. After joining Jersey Devil I realized working out could be enjoyable. I'll be attending UPenn to play field hockey in the fall and you can bet I'll be doing CrossFit at JDCF to help me prepare!"

            - Carlina Sacco, Member Since 2013


"I ran into an old friend at Walmart.  He, seven years my senior, appeared to be in great shape.  He was a walking billboard for Crossfit.  Shoes, shorts, shirt and he wore them well.  So, I asked "you do that?"
His response, "yea I'm a coach!"  I exhaled, "Hmmm! Where?"

He answered, "Jersey Devil Crossfit.  There is a class tonight at 5:30, you should go."  "OK, see you in two hours."
I didn't know much about it.  I have a background in working out, however this is FITNESS!  Oh boy, I was about to find out the difference.  The whiteboard read: 3RFT15 thrusters 95#15 bar hop burpees400m run
OK, what is a thruster and a burpee?  Hold on, barbells and running.  I'm not gonna like this.  After the first round I almost went home.  I would have gotten in my truck and drove off, but it was locked and the keys were inside.  So I fought through it and haven't looked back.  
Coach R.A. was my first contact on that day, he was and continues to be a great help.  He is a great athlete, coach and mentor, he crushes WOD's (workouts) and is so humble.  
2+ years later, members have become coaches, coaches become friends, friends become family.  No matter what your goals are they can all be achieved at JDCF.  There are no mirrors or egos.  Coaches and members will help you get through it.  
My opinion is, there is no other type of training that challenges your mind, body and heart. It is exactly what I need to perform better at work, home and any challenge life brings."

- Gaetano Demarco, Criminal Investigative Detective, Northfield, NJ Husband & Loving Father of 2, Member Since 2013