CrossFit Program


Our regular CrossFit Program is for all adults looking to increase their fitness through CrossFit. New members will receive one-on-one attention within these group classes to ensure good technique and safety while gaining experience and athleticism. Our more experienced CrossFitters and higher level athletes will get the challenges and encouragement they need to succeed. Membership options include...

Unlimited Membership
$110.00 per month

2x per week Membership
$75.00 per month

10 Class Pass

20 Class Pass

CrossFit Program Membership can be used towards any of our adult CrossFit classes. Learn more here. 

Personal Training Sessions

We offer personal training sessions for members looking for a smaller group setting or a more personalized experience in the gym!

$25 Per Session



CrossFit Kids Program



CrossFit Kids is CrossFit geared towards kids and their specific developmental needs. We get kids & teens moving by emphasizing fun and basing our program on the principles of Mechanics, Consistency, and then Intensity. Emphasizing good movement through childhood and into adolescence translates into enhanced performance on the playground, in sports, and in the classroom. Welcome to the future of fitness. For more information visit our CrossFit Kids Page.

10 Class Pass